Viral Harga Pecel Lele Tak Wajar, Pedagang Disebut Baru Jualan 2 Bulan

Netizen +62 dihebohkan dengan sebuah unggahan video TikTok @aulroket yang mengeluh karena baru saja membayar pecel lele di kawasan Malioboro, Yogyakarta dengan harga yang tidak wajar. Menurut pengakuan warganet itu, harga pecel lele dibanderol sampai Rp37 ribu. Dengan rincian, Rp20 ribu untuk seporsi lele, Rp7 ribu nasi putih, serta Rp10 ribu untuk lalapan di sebuah … Read more

Ted Cruz Leave Texas During Winter Disaster

WASHINGTON – US Senator Ted Cruz returned to Texas on Thursday and expressed regret over his trip to Cancún, Mexico, after being criticized by Republicans and Democrats for leaving his state distressed under the severe effects of a devastating winter storm. “See, it was clearly a mistake and come to think of it I wouldn’t … Read more

How Many Children Did Rush Limbaugh Have?

Rush Limbaugh and wife Kathryn Adams Limbaugh attend the State of the Union address | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

How Many Children Did Rush Limbaugh Have? We have found so many such questions, wondering how much children Rush have. According to Cheatsheet Rush is certainly one for relationships, as he’s been married four times. And he’s been with wife Kathryn since 2010. So, does Rush Limbaugh have any children? It seems he chose not … Read more

Rush Limbaugh Died at 70

Rush Limbaugh, a pioneer of conservative talkshow radio media in the United States, aka a supporter of Donald Trump, has died at the age of 70. Rush Limbaugh’s death known immediately after a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer was announced by the family. Rush Limbaugh is a hugely influential media icon who turned radio … Read more