How Many Children Did Rush Limbaugh Have?

How Many Children Did Rush Limbaugh Have?

We have found so many such questions, wondering how much children Rush have.

According to Cheatsheet Rush is certainly one for relationships, as he’s been married four times. And he’s been with wife Kathryn since 2010. So, does Rush Limbaugh have any children?

It seems he chose not to have any kids in his lifetime, though Heavy reports he did once say that the point of marriage was to have children. “Marriage is about raising children,” the publication noted he said. “That’s the purpose of the institution.”

Short Rush Limbaugh Biography

Rush died at 70, may God mercy on him.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, January 12, 1951; age 70) is a radio speech degree guide and conservative political commentator. Speech titles for The Rush Limbaugh Show were syndicated to radios across the United States via Premiere Radio Networks.

In addition to being credited with reviving AM wave radio in the United States, he was dubbed a “precinct captain” for the Republican Party for helping the Republican Party win a seat in Congress in 1994.

In a 1993 headline, National Review magazine described him as a “leader of conservative principles” during the Bill Clinton administration.

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