Blinded by Desire to Have a Son, a Woman Murder 3 Newborn Baby in 4 Years

Blinded by her desire for a son, a woman in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh is reported to have killed her three newborn daughters within four years. The cruel murder came to light after he killed his third daughter, who was born on December 2.

According to a health worker identified as M Swapna and other health professionals came to Lakshmi’s house on Tuesday after information was received that their newborn daughter was foaming. The girl was referred to the Guntur Government General Hospital for medical treatment.

Swapna received the tragic news when he came to Lakshmi’s house the next day. Lakshmi informs the health workers that her daughter has died and she is buried. The health worker becomes suspicious of Lakshmi’s behavior. He then launched an investigation into the baby’s death. Finally, Lakshmi later admitted to strangling the child to death.

Health officials filed a complaint after learning of the crime, for which Lakshmi was arrested by police on Thursday. After that time, a shocking case of serial murder of a baby girl emerges. According to a report in the Times of India, Lakshmi casually revealed that she had also killed her newborn daughter.

“Based on his confession, this is not the first time he has killed his daughter, he previously killed his two newborn daughters because he desperately wanted to have a son,” TOI reported citing a police officer.

The woman was charged under Section 302 (Murder) and Section 201 (Missing of Evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.

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